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Secret Video Recorder   Motion Detector Video Recorder   Spy Video Recorder Camera
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Secret spy video recorder. No camera shutter sound. No preview. One touch recording. HD video. Turn screen off and continue recording. Make and receive phone calls during recording. Many features. Rated 5-stars by CNET.
Motion Detector Video Recorder records videos on motion detection. Just start the app and position your phone and motion-triggered video clips will be recorded. You can choose to get instant notifications by email with before and after pictures or text/SMS when motion is detected.
  Click spy pictures and record spy videos. Touch screen to click pictures. Take burst mode pictures. Record HD videos. Customize the quality of pictures and videos to your exact needs.
Secret Camera   Night Video Recorder Camera   Video Camera Widget
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Secret spy camera. Click pictures using volume keys. No camera shutter sound. No preview. Records pictures in the background.   Night Video Recorder Camera is the ONLY professional night vision app that supports picture and HD video recording. Features high fidelity color enhancement to give you truly spectacular images.  
Click pictures and record HD video from within the widget without launching any apps. Record pictures and videos from the lock screen without unlocking your phone. 
One Touch Video Recorder for Android   One Touch Camera Widget for Android  
One Touch Video Recorder   One Touch Camera Widget   Touch Proof
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One Touch Video Recorder - When all you want is to record video QUICKLY! Never miss a moment. No lag, no delay. Record highest-quality video supported on your phone. A simple, no-nonsense video recorder.  
Camera widget to click pictures from the home screen with just one touch. Click pictures from the lock screen without unlocking your phone. Never miss a precious moment, the fastest camera app in the market.
Touch Proof allows you to lock your phone screen and buttons when running ANY other app. Your phone is completely locked and secure against screen touches and button clicks with your favorite app running. 

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