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Motion Detector Video Recorder Pro is the ONLY professional HD video recorder that triggers on motion detection. Built using 10+ years of imaging technology expertise, this app brings robust, professional grade motion detection technology to your phone. Just start the app and position your phone and motion-triggered video clips will be recorded. You can choose to get instant notifications by email with before and after pictures or text/SMS when motion is detected. And all this happens while your phone appears turned off.


  1. One touch operation to setup up motion detector 
  2. Option to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector
  3. Full HD video recording if your device supports it
  4. Instant email with before and after pictures and text/SMS notification
  5. During monitoring and video recording, screen is black so device appears turned off
  6. Choose internal or external SD card for storing videos
  7. Supports front and back camera
  8. Option to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector
  9. Options for delayed / future recordings
  10. Very few permissions required so privacy is assured
  1. Spy video recording
  2. Motion triggered video recorder
  3. Professional hidden video recorder
  4. CCTV and security video recording
  5. Surveillance camera
  6. Secret video recorder
  7. Infant baby monitor

  • Can you add an option for 1 hour of recording?
  • 10 min is too less. Can you add more time for video clip duration?
  • Can we record longer videos?
We can add a longer video duration but intentionally limited it to 10 min to prevent incorrect use. Let me explain. 

Once activated, the app can be either monitoring or recording but not both. As soon as motion is detected, monitoring stops and recording begins. After the set video clip duration, recording stops and monitoring begins again. If there is motion detected again, it will again stop monitoring and start recording again. This process repeats forever until you run out of space.

So this brings us to the reason of not adding longer recording duration such as 1 hour or more. If the recording duration is set to 1 hour, the video will record for 1 hour. Even if the motion detector was tripped accidentally (it is an algorithm which can sometimes have errors), it will still record longer videos. The solution is to have shorter video recording duration so video will record only as long as there is motion. If the motion persists for 1 hour, 6 10-minute videos will be recorded. If the motion persists for 2 hours, 12 10-min videos will be recorded. If you like you can merge the split videos on your PC (or Mac) using one of the many options available.

If you still believe that a longer video clip duration is needed, send us an email with a reason and we will reconsider our decision.

  • How to save to external SD card?
  • How to save to SD card?
  • Videos are saved to phone memory, but I want to store videos to the removable card
Android is really bad about supporting external SD cards and does not provide API methods to save things to the external SD card. So phone manufacturers add the SD card option themselves. As a result the path is different on each phone. Samsung changes the path to the external SD card even between different models of its own phones! 
Anyway, follow the following steps to store videos to the SD card.
    1. Download a free app Android File Manager. It can be downloaded from Google Play store here.
    2. Launch the app. On top, there is a bar with buttons. Slide the buttons until you see, EXTERNAL SD CARD. Click it.
    3. On the topmost bar, you should see the path to the external SD card. For example, on my Galaxy SII it is /storage/sdcard1. Note this path on a piece of paper. Remember this path is case sensitive. So /storage/sdcard1 and /storage/Sdcard1 are not the same paths.
    4. Open Settings in Motion Spy Video Recorder and go the Video Folder option. Type the path noted from step 3. And add “/mdvr”. So in the example above, the path to type would be /storage/sdcard1/mdvr.
    5. Record video with app and make ensure that files are saved to the external SD card.

  • The phone makes shutter sound when recording starts
  • The phone makes a click sound when recording starts
  • I tried all mute methods (1-5) in Settings and none work.
  • How to mute the sound when recording starts
  • After update, phone makes sound when starting the video recording
Some phones have the shutter sound locked in firmware as required by law. So it may not work, but on most phones one of the five methods we provide work should work. Let us try the following steps.
    1. Go to Android –> Settings –> Sound and uncheck the option for Audible Selection (Play sound when making screen selection). This will disable sounds when touching the screen.
    2. Go to Settings and try each Shutter Mute Method from 1 to 5. After each change, test with the app to make sure that mute works. When you find the one that works, stop. This is the mute method you should leave your phone at.
In the rare case that none of the mute methods work, chances are your phone is firmware locked for the shutter sound. In that case, if you phone is rooted, you should be able to delete the shutter sound file from your phone. Just google how to disable camera shutter sound for your phone model.

If your phone is not rooted, sorry, but there are no other options at this time. But we will continue to work and add more ways. So stay tuned.

  • Some of my videos are corrupt?
  • My videos don’t play
  • Videos play with green lines
Perhaps the video resolution you have selected is not supported. Please choose a different setting in Video Quality in Settings. You should also uninstall the app and reinstall to reset everything to default.

  • Is it possible to set it so that it only records video when motion is detected and stops when there is no motion? Example, if I set to record for 5 mins and someone or something just passes the camera it still records for 5 mins which is wasting storage space.
Unfortunately, not with the current version of the app. You can either record or monitor. Once motion is detected it will record for the duration that is configured.
However, we are working on an experimental feature to support this use case. We have a lot of testing to do and will release it when it is stable.

Previous Versions
We are constantly adding features in our updates. But we are human and sometimes we mess up. But Google has decided that you only get the latest version and cannot rollback to a previous version. Who are we to disagree with Google. But that is no reason for you to suffer. You can download previous versions of the app from the links at the bottom of the page.