One Touch Video Recorder

One Touch
Video Recorder

One Touch Video Recorder - When all you want is to record video QUICKLY! Never miss a moment. No lag, no delay. Record highest-quality video supported on your phone. A simple, no-nonsense video recorder.

Best Video Recorder/Camcorder in the market. Compare the video quality with the stock camera app for proof.

  1. Recording starts instantly. On most phones in less than a second. Shows on the screen how long it took from click to start of recording.
  2. Record from back camera
  3. One touch recording. It cannot get any simpler than this. Start video recording either by tapping the icon or by long press of the seach button (on supported devices)
  4. High quality recording.
  5. Compatible and extensively tested on all versions of Android
  1. Record videos quickly in fast action situations
  2. Record videos of kids and children