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Spy Video Recorder Camera Pro. Click spy pictures and record spy videos. Touch screen to click pictures. Take burst mode pictures. Record HD videos. Many features. Spy Video Recorder Camera Pro is a simple to use, advanced app for taking spy pictures and videos. There are many features and you can customize the quality of pictures and videos to your exact needs.

  1. Phone appears completely turned off. Even the button backlight is off
  2. Touch screen once to click a picture
  3. Keep screen touched for burst mode pictures. At low resolution, some devices can take 30 pictures/sec
  4. Spy video capability with customizable duration
  5. Full HD video (1920x1080) recording
  6. Custom icon for launcher so the app is completely discreet
  7. Choose internal or external SD card for storing videos
  8. Hide pictures and videos from Gallery
  9. Record video up to all available space on the SD card. Video files are auto split at 2 GB
  10. Supports front and back camera
  11. Very few permissions needed so privacy is assured
  12. Advanced shutter mute options
  13. Battery monitor option so video recording stops when battery is low
  14. Custom focus options for sharp pictures and videos
Additional Features:
  1. On supported devices, start recording by long press of the search button
  1. Spy video recorder
  2. Spy camera
  3. Professional hidden camera
  4. CCTV and security video recording
  5. Surveillance camera
  6. HD video recorder for Android
  7. Background video recorder
  8. Secret spy camera
  9. Mobile hidden camera for Android

  • Video recording starts but where are my videos?
  • Videos do not show in Gallery.
  • Videos show in Gallery (not a typo, some users complain that videos show in Gallery and others complain they don’t)
  • I cannot find my videos
  • I cannot find my videos on the computer
If there is no error message when you start video recording, chances are the videos recorded fine and stored on your phone.
First let us make sure that your videos are recorded correctly. Follow the steps:
    1. Go to Settings and uncheck the option for Hide Videos.
    2. Note the folder name in Video Folder.
    3. Now run app to record a video.
    4. Go to the Gallery app. The video should now show in the Gallery. If not, restart your phone. The video should now show in Gallery.
    5. To manually view the files, you will need a file manager app. The one that we recommend is Android File Manager. It is free and can be downloaded from Google Play store here.
    6. Navigate to the Video Folder noted from step 2. You should see your videos.
Now let us hide the videos. Follow the steps:
    1. Go to Settings and check the option for Hide Videos.
    2. Now run app to record a video.
    3. Go to the Gallery app. The newly recorded video should not show in Gallery.
    4. To locate the file manually, let us use the Android File Manager app. Launch Android File Manager and select Menu -> More -> About/Settings -> Android File Manager Preferences and check the Select View Hidden Files option. This will allow you to view hidden files in this app.
    5. Now navigate to the Video Folder and you should see the file. Click on any file to play the video.
Downloading videos on the computer. Follow these steps:
    1. Connect the phone to your computer and mount the SD card. Or your phone may default to media mode so you can directly view the files on your computer.
    2. Navigate to the Video Folder and copy the video files.
    3. If the video files do not show in Windows Explorer, press the Alt key once and go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View Tab and check the radio button for Show hidden files, folders and drives.
    4. If you are still unable to view the files, try to restart your phone and try another computer.

  • How to save to external SD card?
  • How to save to SD card?
  • Videos are saved to phone memory, but I want to store videos to the removable card
Android is really bad about supporting external SD cards and does not provide API methods to save things to the external SD card. So phone manufacturers add the SD card option themselves. As a result the path is different on each phone. Samsung changes the path to the external SD card even between different models of its own phones! 
Anyway, follow the following steps to store videos to the SD card.
    1. Download a free app Android File Manager. It can be downloaded from Google Play store here.
    2. Launch the app. On top, there is a bar with buttons. Slide the buttons until you see, EXTERNAL SD CARD. Click it.
    3. On the topmost bar, you should see the path to the external SD card. For example, on my Galaxy SII it is /storage/sdcard1. Note this path on a piece of paper. Remember this path is case sensitive. So /storage/sdcard1 and /storage/Sdcard1 are not the same paths.
    4. Go to Settings and go the Video Folder option. Type the path noted from step 3. And add “/svrc”. So in the example above, the path to type would be /storage/sdcard1/svrc.
    5. Record video with app and make ensure that files are saved to the external SD card.

  • The phone makes shutter sound when recording starts
  • The phone makes a click sound when recording starts
  • I tried all mute methods (1-5) in Settings and none work.
  • How to mute the sound when recording starts
  • After update, phone makes sound when starting the video recording
Some phones have the shutter sound locked in firmware as required by law. So it may not work, but on most phones one of the five methods we provide work should work. Let us try the following steps.
    1. Go to Android –> Settings –> Sound and uncheck the option for Audible Selection (Play sound when making screen selection). This will disable sounds when touching the screen.
    2. Go to Settings and try each Mute Method from 1 to 5. After each change, test with the app to make sure that mute works. When you find the one that works, stop. This is the mute method you should leave your phone at.
In the rare case that none of the mute methods work, chances are your phone is firmware locked for the shutter sound. In that case, if you phone is rooted, you should be able to delete the shutter sound file from your phone. Just google how to disable camera shutter sound for your phone model.
If your phone is not rooted, sorry, but there are no other options at this time. But we will continue to work and add more ways. So stay tuned.

  • Can you add zoom settings to the app?
Sure we can add it but decided not to. Since the video preview is not visible, how will you know how much to zoom? An alternative is to record the video in HD and crop the video to desired zoom on a computer.

  • Some of my videos are corrupt?
  • My videos don’t play
  • Videos play with green lines
Perhaps the video resolution you have selected is not supported. Please choose a different setting in Video Quality in Settings. You should also uninstall the app and reinstall to reset everything to default.

  • Audio level is low.
  • Cannot hear sound in video
Please choose a different source for audio under Audio Source in Settings.

  • Video does not focus correctly
  • Video is out of focus
  • Videos are blurred
Please choose a different value for Focus Mode in Settings.

  • The video aspect ratio is wrong
  • My videos are stretched or too thin
Please check option for Video Aspect Ratio Fix in Settings.

Previous Versions
We are constantly adding features in our updates. But we are human and sometimes we mess up. But Google has decided that you only get the latest version and cannot rollback to a previous version. Who are we to disagree with Google. But that is no reason for you to suffer. You can download previous versions of the app from the links at the bottom of the page.